Our Environment

Although Bonita Bay was planned in the early 1980s, before the environmental movement gained momentum, a deep respect for nature and its preservation guided the community’s design. More than half of Bonita Bay’s acreage was set aside for natural areas and open space, and residential neighborhoods were sited to take advantage of views of nature without impacting it. 

During early planning, the development team completed the most thorough site assessment ever undertaken in Southwest Florida. The information helped design a community that would not merely co-exist in harmony with the ecosystem, but enhance it. Land was selectively hand-cleared; specimen trees, wildlife habitat and natural wetlands were preserved and invasive exotics were replaced with native species.

Bonita Bay adopted Xeriscape principles long before the concept was widely understood, and the community became the region’s first Xeriscape Demonstration Site to share innovative water conservation practices. 

Today, advanced irrigation practices minimize water waste, and a sophisticated dual-water delivery system separately provides potable and irrigation water to homes. Annual Water Conservation Awards recognize Bonita Bay homes that use the least irrigation water while maintaining healthy, attractive landscapes.

Precise land management limits pesticide and herbicide use to preserve, rather than disturb, the natural food chain on the golf courses and in common areas. Fertilizer use also is limited to avoid ground and surface water contamination, especially important since Bonita Bay is bounded on three sides by water bodies that flow into the Gulf of Mexico. 

In addition to reptiles, amphibians, fish and small mammals, Bonita Bay is home to a pair of nesting bald eagles. The eagles have thrived at Bonita Bay, producing more than 30 fledglings since 1977.